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Content production can be expensive, so I’ve created a four-tier monthly photo and video package deal that is designed to suit a range of businesses and marketing teams.
My goal is to help clients with their budget challenges, while offering peace of mind knowing what to expect each month for creative costs.



STILL PHOTOS: Images are supplied with basic colour, luminance adjustments and cropped to clients desired specs. Photos are shot with natural light and basic reflective equipment only. Flash photography, advanced retouching and editing is extra. The number of camera setups on location are limited based on the amount of time offered in a given package.*


VIDEOS: Videos include basic editing, cutting, colour, luminance adjustments and exported to clients desired specs.* Advanced editing such as motion graphics, creative transitions, sound engineering and music are extra. Videos are shot with natural light, basic reflective gear and on camera audio equipment only. Custom lighting and premium audio setups are extra. The number of camera setups on location are limited based on the amount of time offered in a given package.*

* The format for all video content (vertical or horizontal) must be determined prior to filming. A "setup" is each time the camera is placed into position for a shot. Setups must be within reasonable walking distance of each other at a given location. If time exceeds the specified amount at the clients request, additional charges will be applied at a rate of $120.00 per hour rounded up to a full hour. If the overtime is a result of my error or equipment failure, no extra charges will apply.

WHAT IS REQUIRED FROM THE CLIENT?: Clients are required to have a plan in place prior to shooting on location. Simply, know what you want to achieve, brief me on the details and have your resources ready for shoot day. Having a plan for context, location, props, product, etc. will streamline production the day of, so you can relax and leave the rest of the creative and production process to me. If you require help with creative ideas, planning and logistics, I would be happy to customize your package and provide those services.


EXTRA FEES: Travel to and from a location is extra and charged at a rate of $1.00 per kilometer.
Data transfer and upload fee is charged at a rate of 10 cents per mb.


CUSTOM PACKAGES: I can tailor your monthly package to fit your exact needs.


TERMS: Price per package is based on a minimum 6-month term.

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